Ark floats away with a win

Posted on Wednesday, December 12, 2012 at 1:05 pm

The members of the Cobham Park Baptist Church of Warsaw had been told that they should attend the recent Christmas parade because they might see a seldom seen sight in Warsaw — an ark coming down the main street. And the ark was to be filled with live “animals.” The ark did appear, loaded with “animals” looking out the port holes.

The “animals” happened to be the children of the church with

painted faces, horns, whiskers and other animal attire. Noah was at the helm of the ark with a dove in hand to be released when dry land appeared. The judges apparently were impressed since the ark float won the first place prize in the parade.

The effort was the result of the various youth committees working together to construct, decorate and prepare the float for the parade. The children on board found it to be an exciting effort for them as well. The team effort apparently paid off, resulting in the first-place trophy.

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