Lady athletes make 2012 a historic year

Posted on Wednesday, November 28, 2012 at 1:55 pm

Never in the history of Rappahannock High School have the lady athletes accomplished what they did this year.

In 2012, fans watched as players captured four regional championships in route to their respective state tournaments.

The Lady Raiders this past year turned up the aggression to collect four regional championships. Pictured is Rhiannon Mulvena wrestling the ball away during the state tournament at Virginia Commonwealth University this past winter season.

In volleyball, the girls were led by head coach Woody Campbell, coaches Corbin Franklin and Jackie Morris led the girls’ doubles team and head coach Ellen Gaines led in softball and basketball.

“It’s rare that a school runs the three major sports in a single calendar year and it just means we have some very good female athletes at our school,” said Gaines.

What attracted Campbell to become a coach at Rappahannock was the girls’ ability to listen and dedication to athleticism.

“All of major sports, Rappahannock is right there. We’ve got something to be proud of in that regard with a small school and limited amount of kids,” said Campbell.

While nine varsity student athletes have at least two region championships this year, only two have three, including senior Kelsey Berhalter and junior Rhiannon Mulvena.

“It was just a great feeling to be a part of those championships working with different teams and coming together. Makes me proud to be a Raider,” said Berhalter. “I think it takes a lot to win a regional championship. Everyone came together, put aside their differences and we all played with so much heart and that was the important thing.”

Mulvena, who was a sophomore at the start of the year, said the time has allowed herself to grow as a teammate.

“Before I was too myself. I was playing for myself, but I realized that it was about the team,” said Mulvena.

The common surprise among the players and coaches was winning the region basketball and volleyball championships, and to put it modestly, softball was the most expected.

Outside of the three major sports played by all females, the girls’ doubles tennis team made up of Lori Gagnon and Abby Goszka were named region champs in the same calendar year.

The girls’ tennis team, who were last year’s region champs, were dethroned by Mathews this past spring; and the Rappahannock competition cheer squad reached the region championship after a two year hiatus.

“I’m just very proud of these girls,” Gaines said. “High school sports goes in cycle and right now we just have a very good girls’ cycle with athletes…if we could get them to play everything that would be awesome.”

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