Apartment complex near Warsaw’s Rappahannock Community College clears final hurdles

Posted on Wednesday, November 14, 2012 at 9:43 am

After praising him for all that he has done for the town, Warsaw officials gave Gregory Packett the official go-ahead for a new apartment complex in town.

Gregory Packett recently received the final green light for an apartment project near Rappahannock Community College.

“You are becoming a major investor in the Town of Warsaw,” Councilman Ogle Forrest told Packett. “A lot of people might not know all of the projects and properties that you have improved greatly. I appreciate it and am looking forward to more in the future.”

On the agenda were some of the final hurdles Packett faced before starting the construction process of the 16-unit apartment building at the corner of Court Circle and Campus Drive, adjacent to Packett’s existing complex and directly across from Rappahannock Community College’s parking lot.

Although council approved the necessary zoning changes in September, Packett still needed to ensure that the project fell in line with all of the town’s regulations while maintaining its aesthetic appeal.

“There are a few things that we have changed,” Packett said, adding that fencing had been extended and dumpster locations moved.

“One of the questions was the sidewalk over on Court Circle,” he said. “I will be putting in a new sidewalk and the town will be putting up the lighting.”

He added that although his current plans include a playground, that addition would depend on cost and financing.

According to Town Manager John Slusser, Packett has been extremely cooperative in his latest endeavor.

“In my opinion, what he has done with the first building has been a real positive asset to the Town of Warsaw and if he can duplicate what he has already done, then I think things will be twice as good as they are right now,” Slusser said.  Slusser added that the addition of a lighted sidewalk that extends from Route 360 back to Campus Drive would be a tremendous asset and possibly be the impetus in getting a designated crosswalk for pedestrians at one of the busiest intersections in the area.

According to Slusser, once Packett puts down the sidewalk the town will erect acorn-style lights every 150 to 200 feet along the pathway.

Councilman Ralph Self thanked Packett for his dedication, adding that he was looking forward to the completed project.

“I welcome [Packett] and his new adventure,” Self said. “I know if it is anything like you have done in the past, it is going to be an enhancement to our town.”

Mayor Mark Milstead agreed.

“I don’t think anybody realizes how important that center of town is to us because we need to enhance the town’s appearance,” he said. “I have high hopes and expectations.”

Council meets again Thursday, Dec. 13, 7 p.m. at town hall.


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