Kaine makes last-effort campaign stop in Warsaw, VA

Posted on Wednesday, October 31, 2012 at 9:20 am

Governor Tim Kaine (D) stopped in Warsaw last week during a campaign tour that also took the U.S. Senate hopeful through the Eastern Shore and Tangier Island. Kaine faces fellow Governor and former Senator George Allen (R) in Tuesday’s general election.

Sesame Street has been getting a lot of political press lately.

But last week, it wasn’t America’s favorite tall and yellow friend that was targeted when a U.S. Senate hopeful visited the area.

“How come these guys are so afraid of Big Bird but they are not afraid of Grover?” said Tim Kaine, the Democratic contender and former state governor, referring to Grover Nordquist.

Norquist, a lobbyist and power player inside the beltway, has gotten nearly every Republican politician to sign an oath, nicknamed “The Pledge,” promising not to raise taxes or he would no longer back their office.

Kaine’s rival, George Allen, has signed the agreement, something Kaine takes offense to.

“The day he announced he was running he signed that,” Kaine said last week during an Oct. 26 meet-and-greet at the Northern Neck Electric Cooperative auditorium

“If you put something behind your pledge of office, that is a very bad thing,” he said. “It really troubles me. They’d rather cut Social Security, Medicare and the military rather than make [Nordquist] mad, and for the life of me I cannot understand that.”

Kaine also pointed out that across the country, he was second only to President Barack Obama in negative ads spent by his opponent.

“Politics is challenging, unless you like negative ads,” Kaine said. “We need to find common ground and support the economy. We have a ways to go but we can show that they are wrong. People mean more than the money [spent] on negative ads.”

Kaine added that he would fight very hard to ensure that Virginians become prosperous again, adding that the Northern Neck was of particular concern to him.

“I come to the Northern Neck because I like to,” Kaine said. “I have family in Lancaster and I understand that [the region] often does suffer from being ignored.”

He added that getting the infrastructure needed to bring universal high-speed Internet to the area was a priority.

“I will not hesitate to support the Northern Neck,” he said. “You will not have to remind me about this area.”

Kaine added that he does not support sequestration or cuts to social security but does believe that by letting tax cuts for the wealthy expire and continuing to invest in education, the economy will bounce back.

“This is a time for putting specific, bipartisan proposals on the table,” Kaine said. “Let the Bush tax cuts expire for the first dollar of income over $500,000. Second, fix Medicare to allow for the negotiation of prescription drug prices. Finally, end the taxpayer subsidies to big oil companies that don’t need them. If you do those three things you take the $1 trillion sequester problem and dramatically reduce it. As someone who cut $5 billion out of an $80 billion budget I know we can make those cuts in a way that won’t devastate the economy or defense.”



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