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A program for families affected by dementia

Posted on Wednesday, November 7, 2018 at 8:49 am

Although Right at Home hasn’t reached its two-year anniversary, the company launched its second community outreach effort in a less than a year. Called Jim’s Care, the program is a free service that gives family members time off from caring for loved ones with Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, or any type of dementia.
Katherine Keith, owner and director of the home care agency explained that Jim’s Care is named after and inspired by a former client. Jim had Alzheimer’s and toward the end, he experienced a lot of confusion. His family was committed to caring for him at home but because he had a disrupted sleep pattern, they hired Right at Home to come in overnight while they slept.
“Jim had a team of male caregivers, which is unique in itself,” said Keith. “He loved activities and those caregivers spent their nights building tinker toys with him, supervising as he made soap carvings, and sometimes taking Jim for late night car rides to calm his anxiousness. There was this really special bond that those caregivers built with him.”
After struggling with Alzheimer’s for about seven years, Jim passed away on Memorial Day weekend at age 82.
“Because we were only there [with Jim] about a third of the time, we saw how difficult providing that full-time care was for the family,” Keith continued.

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